How to share combined availability of a group?

Use this type of event template setting if you want to share time when all hosts are available

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Step 1 : Create event template.

Create an event template for the type of meeting you want to have.

Step 2 : Add your colleagues as hosts.

When you add your colleagues as host, make sure you select people can propose meeting "When all required hosts are available."

Step 3 : Set the availability

Go to When panel and set date and time range you need.

  1. You can set same or different time each day. You can also have multiple block of time available in one day.

Available times for meeting

You can click on "Change hours" to change the available hours for this type of meeting.

2. You can also open your availability between specific dates

Make sure you hit "Save" after you make any changes.

Step 4 : Copy the event template link and share !

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