Select Meet from the top navigation.

On the Meet page, start by adding participants.

Meetings with external stakeholders

Notice in the above example that one of the participants belongs to a different domain. As FreeBusy works across organizational boundaries, you can effortlessly cooridnate meetings with external stakeholders, such as suppliers, partners and vendors.

With each participant that you add, FreeBusy will obtain their availability and show the results on the grid.


By default, a 30-min duration for a meeting is assumed and can be changed from the Meeting Details section. Changing the duration will reload availability.

In the example above, John the Supplier and Tim are rarely available. Most of the timeslots are therefore unavailable. You can tell a timeslot is unavailable when it’s blank. It will also say “unavailable” on hover.

We’re interested in scheduling a quick meeting for Friday morning. There are two available timeslots. You can tell a timeslot is available when it shows a tick. Its label will tell you how many participants are available. At 11 a.m., only 2 out of 3 participants are available. Everyone is available at 11.30 a.m.

When you hover over an available timeslot, you can explore which participants are unavailable.


Notice that at 11 a.m., Tim is not available for a meeting.

Let’s go ahead and click on the 11.30 a.m. time. It’s clearly our best choice. The selected time will show in the section Meeting Details on the left. Provide title and location for the event, which in this case are Supplier meeting and Conference Room A3.

Click on Schedule Meeting to place the event on your calendar and send out the invitations.

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