Start Outlook Desktop.


This tutorial uses Outlook Desktop.

If you’re using Outlook Web Access or, these steps are identical. You can find FreeBusy by clicking on Add-ins.

Meeting Suggestions

To insert meeting suggestions into an email message, open the message window. Click on Suggest Meeting Times as shown below.

The add-in pane will load. Navigate to the Suggest times tab.

If you haven’t already, enter the attendees you’d like to meet with to the To: line of the email. FreeBusy will refresh availability and show available times.

For each timeslot, you can see detailed availability for each attendee.

To suggest meeting times, click on the each desired timeslot.

It will get highlighted with blue colour once selected.

Once you select all desired timeslots, click on Next.

You can then provide meeting topic and location.

You can also set up meeting reminders if appropriate.

Once finished, click on Insert Meeting Poll.

Suggested times will then be inserted into the body of the email.

NOTE: There are two template styles that the FreeBusy Outlook add-in uses depending on the meeting participants you've invited:

1. If you only invited one external participant (whose email domain is different from your own), the add-in will insert a simple list of links. This is because only the input from the external participant is needed to determine poll consensus, i.e. the time at which the meeting should be scheduled. A meeting will be scheduled immediately when the external participant chooses one of the proposed times.

2. If you invite multiple external participants (e.g. two clients whose email domain is different from your own), then both of their inputs are required before determining the consensus meeting time. In this case, the add-in will show a "Pick Times" card. Participants are taken to the FreeBusy web app where they can see everyone else's availability (which potentially helps them decide which time to vote for).

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