To upload a profile photo or company logo to be used on your FreeBusy page:

  1. Go to the Profile page.

  2. Click over the thumbnail (picture) of the desired calendar.

  3. Pick an image from your computer and upload.

FreeBusy will show that image on the FreeBusy page associated with the respective calendar email. If you have multiple calendar accounts linked, you can upload different photos for each one.

In absence of an uploaded photo, FreeBusy uses the photo set in your calendar profile (if supported) or Gravatar (if you previously uploaded one to that service):

If you want to display your company logo on the top of your availability page (like in the screenshot above) please contact us (use the chat button below) and send your high resolution logo. This part of white-labeling isn't yet self-serve and needs to be done by our staff.

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