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Office 365: How to authorize FreeBusy with admin consent (v1)
Office 365: How to authorize FreeBusy with admin consent (v1)

Centrally authorize and manage consent for FreeBusy on behalf of all users in your Office 365 domain

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The objective of this task is to grant FreeBusy the OAuth permissions to necessary access calendars for people in your Office 365 tenant. Consent could be given by individual users (if domain policy is set to allow them to give consent) or by an admin on behalf of the users. This task covers the latter option. 

Task needs to be performed by someone who is an admin for the Office 365 tenant.

1. Use this link to initiate a sign in request with admin consent:
Sign In For Admin Consent

2. On that page, use click on the "Sign In With Office 365" button

3. After entering your admin credentials grant the requested permissions:

Permissions "Access your mailboxes" refers to authorizing the use of EWS (Exchange Web Services protocol) in addition to the Outlook REST API to read and write calendar data in a mailbox . "Mailbox" here does not refer to emails. FreeBusy does not use or access emails in a user's mailbox.

Note: It’s benign if you go through the process multiple times or if multiple admins do it. 

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