Refresher: What's Guarded mode?
In Guarded mode, FreeBusy shows you unavailable by default.
To appear available, you must create Free events on your calendar like so:

Power users can take advantage of hashtags to further segment their availability to a particular audience. For example, you could create Free events titled "#interview-engineer" to mark available times for engineer interviews.
To share that specific availability, your FreeBusy link would become:[email protected]/interview-engineer
where the hashtag is appended at the end of your FreeBusy link.

How can I troubleshoot my availability in Guarded mode?
We realize that understanding why you appear free or busy in Guarded mode can be daunting, especially if you use many different hashtags.

For that reason, we have introduced availability justification for each timeslot.
When checking your availability in the Meet view, hovering over a timeslot will now tell you why you are shown available or not, both in Open and Guarded mode.

Note that when you go to Meet view (, FreeBusy will always show you in Open mode, even if you have Guarded mode selected. We find that when scheduling meetings, Open mode gives you as the organizer a better perspective of when you're actually available.

Thus to see availability justification for Guarded mode (assuming your preference is set to Guarded mode), go to your FreeBusy page at[email protected]

To debug availability for a specific hashtag, append it to the FreeBusy link[email protected]/desired-hashtag

Hovering over each timeslot explains how FreeBusy decided your availability.
As with any feature, we would welcome your feedback on how to improve this availability justification to make you more productive.

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