What are Calendar Event Templates?
Calendar Event Templates are time blocks on your calendar that follow a few conventions for how you set the event title and other event attributes. You can use these time blocks to explicitly declare yourself available for a specific event type and to preset the location and agenda for meetings scheduled based off that template. 

You create Event Templates using the familiar interface of your calendar. Follow these conventions:

  • Set the event to "Show as Free"
  • Use hashtags in the title of the event to indicate the event type or purpose. For example: #interview #analyst #CES #LasVegas (you can use one or more hashtags)
  • Optionally, preset the location and agenda for meetings created based off this event template in the Location and Notes fields.

As FreeBusy reads your calendar, it will interpret events that follow conventions above as event templates and will generate events-specifics links for you so you can share availability. Sharing links for event templates can be obtained from https://freebusy.io/share (Event Templates section) 

How does it work?

Here's a short demo for how you create and use event templates:

Note: this tutorial is appropriate for more advanced use cases, where you need to define availability and preset agenda for specific event types. If you need to define availability or agenda in general for all of your meetings, follow the tutorial for how to set Meeting Agenda Preferences.


How do I create an Event Template?

  1. Create a New Event in your calendar.
  2. Ensure the event is set to "Show as Free".
  3. Set the title as you would like it to appear in the calendar event.

    NOTE:  At least one word in the title must be prefixed with a hashtag.
    This allows for easy availability sharing with your audience.
    Assume you chose the title "Visiting #NewYork" for your upcoming trip.
    You would then share your availability for this template by appending the selected hashtag (NewYork) to the end of your standard FreeBusy link, such as:
    https://freebusy.io/[email protected]/NewYork
  4. Set the location as you would like them to appear in the calendar event.
  5. Set the notes as you would like them to appear in the calendar event.

    NOTE: People proposing meetings can still enter their own meeting notes.
    If you preset notes, they'll be appended to the end of the proposer notes (if set).
  6. Choose the times for when you wish to appear available.

    NOTE: You may also create additional event templates elsewhere on your calendar. Provided that they also contain the selected hashtag in the title, FreeBusy will show you available during those times too.
  7. Save the event.


How do I share availability for an Event Template?

Assuming you have already created an event template on your calendar, go to https://freebusy.io/share and look on the Event Templates tab.

Let's say you create an event template titled "Visiting #NewYork". The sharing link for this event type is derived from your standard FreeBusy link.

For example, if your FreeBusy link is https://freebusy.io/[email protected]
the link for that event type is https://freebusy.io/[email protected]/NewYork

Anyone visiting your FreeBusy page using this link would see your availability restricted to the times defined in your event template(s).

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