FreeBusy can help you to create an Office Hour Sign Up system for others to sign up for appointments with you. This can help you to greatly reduce the amount of coordination effort to find times to meet with individuals. You can do this by:

1). Navigating to your preferences:

2). Changing the days and time that you are available in your 'Time Range' to reflect the days and times that would want available. Then click save. In the case below you can change the time that you are available for office hours to be on Monday from 10-12:30 PM.

3). Then you can choose whether you want to automatically accept office hour sign ups OR if you want to be notified and hold the sign ups as either tentative or free for being double booked. Below you can choose to be notified and hold as tentative until you accept an event. After selecting the option click on save.

4). Next you may wish to have a break or a gap between your office hour appointments, that way you are not scheduled in back to back appointments for the duration of your office hours.

5). After that you can set up limitations for when you will accept a meeting to prevent last minute sign-ups for your office hours. You can also prevents requests too far in the future as well that may make others be able to sign up for a time with you.

6). Next you can set up meeting reminders so that your meeting schedulers will be reminded and have the option to get reminders by text message. 

7). Next, you may wish to protect your appointment signups with a password so that you get signed up for time by only individuals with current access to your office hours. You can do that by selecting 'People Who Know My Passphrase' and then entering a passphrase such as 'Phil 2019 Fall' and the clicking the save button.

8). Finally, all you need to do now is share or publish your availability link. You can do this by going to and then clicking on the duration of each meeting you would like to be scheduled for 15, 30, and etc and then copying and pasting the link in a location that others can get access to it to sign up for your office hours.

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