Prerequisite: install the FreeBusy Chrome Extension which adds the Gmail and Google Calendar add-on

  1. When composing or replying to an email in Gmail, open the FreeBusy "Suggest Meeting Times" add-on from the toolbar button next to Send.

2. Review participants by selecting/deselecting those which need to be in the meeting and designating them as required or optional. To add more participants, type their email address on the To or Cc line in the email you are composing.

3. Click Pick Time to advance to the date and time selection screen. Inspect availability for people inside your organization and others who are using FreeBusy and select as many times as you'd like to suggest.

Note: it's recommended that you suggest a couple of times to give you counterparts a starting point, but it's not compulsory and you can skip selection of specific times.

4. Enter the rest of the meeting details (topic, location) and configure automatic reminders

5. Review everything and click Insert Meeting Poll to insert the suggested times into the email you are composing.

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