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How to schedule a meeting on behalf of someone else using Gmail Add-in
How to schedule a meeting on behalf of someone else using Gmail Add-in

FreeBusy Add-in enables you to schedule meetings as a delegate and quickly find a meeting time that works for everyone.

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You can opt between two modes for the "Schedule on Behalf" of feature: calendar delegate or peer-to-peer. See more info in this article.

1. Open FreeBusy Gmail Add-in. Go to Gmail and compose or reply to an email. Look for the FreeBusy button in the bottom toolbar, next to “Send”. Consult this guide if you didn't installed FreeBusy Gmail Add-in.

2. Add all meeting participants. To add participants, just type their email address on the To or Cc line in the email you are composing. Also, you can select / deselect those which need to be in the meeting and designating them as required or optional.

3. If you have delegate access and you can manage someone else's calendar, under "Suggest meeting times" section, check the box "Scheduling on behalf of someone else" and choose the person on behalf of whom you want to schedule the meeting.

When you schedule on behalf of someone else, you are by default not included in the meeting. You can add yourself if needed, by selecting yourself from the participants.

4. Standardize your meeting with event templates. You can create polls for ad-hoc meetings, or you can standardize the hosts, availability, agenda and location with a pre-configured event template.

Below I selected the "Product Demo" template because the person that I'm assisting has preset the availability, to use her Google Meet account and ask a couple of questions about the agenda.

5. Start the poll with suggestedtimes that work for your side. Participants will vote Yes or No on suggested times. If none of them work, they can add their own suggestions.

Below I selected 5 times just to make sure there are sufficient options. I could have also skipped the suggested times which would prompt the other participants to make their own suggestions using my availability. However, I generally find it’s faster to get to a consensus if you start with something.

6. Review and finalize poll details and insert the suggestions into your email. Since I used an event template the topic and location are pre-filled, but this is an opportunity to customize for this specific meeting if I need to.

See this demo vide to learn how to schedule a meeting on behalf of someone else using Gmail Add-in:

If you have any questions & feedback, feel free to use the chat button below. We're super friendly and happy to solve any scheduling challenge.

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