How it works? If you don’t have a deadline for a specific meeting, if you have a high volume of meetings per day or, au contraire, if you want to increase the number of meetings in a day, you can automate the process and share your open availability link. Participants will access your availability and choose the date & time that works best for them. The link inserted in your email includes all the needed information and participants don’t have to enter any other details. Yes, we include in a smart tiny link, all the meeting details, inducing participants names, title & agenda, preselected meeting duration and meeting location options etc.

See a short demo video to understand exactly what you need to do. This is for when you have multiple meeting participants, but works the same for one on one meetings, except that the meeting is automatically scheduled when the participant selects the first convenient time (so, no polling for one on one meetings - it's simpler).

What participants see & do? In this case, participants will select themselves from the list (if you have multiple participants), see your availability page, propose meeting times, vote on the best time to meet and when a consensus is reached, the meeting is automatically scheduled and added on everyone’s calendar. All you need to do is set smart reminders to eliminate no-shows. No one likes no-shows. See what they see, in this demo video👇👇👇


There are two template styles that the FreeBusy Gmail Add-in uses depending on the meeting participants you've invited:

1. If you only invited one external participant (whose email domain is different from your own), the add-in will insert a simple list of links. This is because only the input from the external participant is needed to determine poll consensus, i.e. the time at which the meeting should be scheduled. A meeting will be scheduled immediately when the external participant chooses one of the proposed times.

2. If you invite multiple external participants (e.g. two clients whose email domain is different from your own), then both of their inputs are required before determining the consensus meeting time. In this case, the add-in will show a "Pick Times" card. Participants are taken to the FreeBusy web app where they can see everyone else's availability.

We’ve updated FreeBusy Gmail and Outlook Add-in so you can schedule any type of meeting in just a few clicks. For more informations, please consult The ultimate guide to schedule meetings using FreeBusy Gmail Add-in

If you have questions & feedback, feel free to use the chat button below. We're super friendly and happy to solve any scheduling challenge

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