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Schedule on behalf of someone else - calendar delegate or peer-to-peer
Schedule on behalf of someone else - calendar delegate or peer-to-peer

You can opt between two modes for "Schedule on behalf of someone else" in Gmail Add-in - calendar delegate or peer-to-peer.

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Google calendar delegate mode

Calendar delegate mode means that in order for someone to be able to schedule on behalf of someone else in FreeBusy, they must have been designated a calendar delegate in Google Calendar (see more info in this article "Delegate your calendar")

Peer-to-peer mode

Peer-to-peer mode means that anyone in your FreeBusy team (your subscription) can schedule on behalf of anybody else. People won't see each other's calendar details, only availability (unless of course they have permissions to see each other's calendar details in Google Calendar).

When compared to Google calendar delegate mode, FreeBusy's peer-to-peer mode gives you more collaboration options without requiring that you disclose the details of your calendar to your teammates.

You can switch between the two modes at will, it's just that for the moment you have to ask us to switch the mode for you until we implement a self-serve switch in the subscription management screen.

If you have questions & feedback, feel free to use the chat button below. We're super friendly and happy to solve any scheduling challenge

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