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How to customize branding for your FreeBusy booking page
How to customize branding for your FreeBusy booking page

Learn how to add your photo, logo, tagline, description and personalize your booking page.

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All FreeBusy plans support the branding features mentioned in this article.

FreeBusy offers you multiple ways to brand and personalize your booking page.

1. Update your profile photo and tagline

To upload a profile photo to be used on your FreeBusy page:

  1. Go to the Profile page.

  2. Click over the thumbnail (picture) of the desired calendar.

  3. Pick an image from your computer and upload.

Your photo, display name and tagline will appear when you share your personal availability links with your business partners or your friends.

In absence of an uploaded photo, FreeBusy uses the photo set in your calendar profile (if supported) or Gravatar if you previously uploaded one to that service.

2. Change picture on individual event template

By default, the picture that you have set in your profile, will be displayed for every event template from your collection.

However, If you want to have a different photo or tagline for a specific event template, edit that event template and in the first section, you can customize the branding.

Use the image which is square in proportion. That will fit best on your booking page.

3. Customize your availability links

By default, your availability links will include your email address (for personal collection of event templates)

Remember: You can change link only once !

Your personal collection :

Your personal collection of events templates will look like this

If you want to have a simpler link then you can update it to

Follow the screenshot to see how you can change your personal collection link :

โ€‹For example :

By default I have personal collection set as "[email protected]". I can change it once so I would like to change it to something simple. I update it to "".

Remember : This link has to be unique so, if someone already has claimed "", I cannot use it. 

Company Logo and White Labeling

We also offer white labeling feature, where you can actually remove FreeBusy logo from booking page and add your logo. You can also customize colors of your booking page.

However this feature is only available in Enterprise plan! Learn more about white labeling in this article.

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