Your brand is the first impression that potential customers have with your company. Presenting a unified brand experience across different integrations and products is important.

You can customize your FreeBusy page branding in 3 ways.

1. Add your photo, logo and tagline

You can configure your display name, photo and tagline from your profile. Go to and add your photo and tagline.

Your photo, display name and tagline will appear when you share your personal availability links with your business partners or your friends.

If you want to display your company logo on the top of your availability page (like in the screenshot above) please contact us (use the chat button below) and send your high resolution logo. This part of white-labeling isn't yet self-serve and needs to be done by our staff.

2. Customize title, photo, tagline and description for every event template

By default, the branding configured in your profile, will be displayed for every event template from your collection. If you want to have a different photo or tagline for a specific event template, edit that event template and in the first section, you can customize the branding.

See this short demo video about how to customize an event template branding.

By default, your availability links will include your email address (for personal collection of event templates) or your domain (for business collection of event templates).

Your personal collection of events templates will look like this In your personal collection, you will have 3 default event templates:

  • an event template for 15 min meetings, "Quick Chat" -

  • an event template for 30 min meetings, "Consultation" -

  • an event template for 60 min meetings, "Working session" -

You can edit your default event templates, clone them, make them unlisted (accessible only via link, not visible in your collection page) or add new event templates.

Your business collection of event templates will look like this

By default, you don't have any event template created in your business collection. When you create an event template in your business collection, your event template availability link will look like this

Personal collections start out with the email as the link, but can be aliased with a vanity link of your choosing (a custom keyword).

So, your availability links will have the following format

Go to and click on "Set vanity link".

Once you pick a collection vanity link you can't change it!!!

So, choose your vanity link carefully. After picking a vanity link for your collection, FreeBusy will use your personalized collection vanity link in place of your email. We continue to support old links that use the email, so FreeBusy links you may have already sent out don't get broken.

For example:

  • your personal collection will become -

  • your personal event template -

For the moment, you can't change your business collection vanity link, the collection link will remain your business domain -

You can create additional business collections that will have your business domain in the base url, for example

Need a personalized onboarding?

If you have any questions & feedback, feel free to use the chat button below. We're super friendly and happy to solve any scheduling challenge.

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