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How to use FreeBusy Gmail Add-on with multiple Google accounts
How to use FreeBusy Gmail Add-on with multiple Google accounts

Learn how to handle multiple google accounts in FreeBusy Gmail Add-on

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You may choose to use multiple Google accounts to manage multiple profiles at the same time.

You could also want to organize a meeting using any one of FreeBusy email add-ins and would want to achieve this with different emails, for instance, work/personal hosted by one single email provider.

To easily use the accounts within FreeBusy, you can simply switch within profiles right within your profile in your browser. Chrome allows for multiple user profiles and sandboxed sessions. This means you can use one browser instance to sign in with one Google account and another browser instance to sign in with the other Google account.
Here is an instance:

How to do this:

  1. Click on user profile in your browser

  2. You would then select the email that you want to use to organize the meeting using the FreeBusy add-in feature in your mail.

  3. Your meeting is successfully scheduled!

  4. You can switch back to your other meeting and schedule another separate meeting.

  5. All these meetings are all recorded within your FreeBusy web app.

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