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How to decline meetings from FreeBusy
How to decline meetings from FreeBusy

Find out how you decline meetings you have no interest in entertaining

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You have some proposals that you would like not to acknowledge and FreeBusy Scheduling assistant sends you a mail to "Accept & Add to Calendar"; you would rather decline this meeting proposal and possibly inform the proposer why this meeting to decline.

Freebusy offers a means for you to do this right within the product. Here is how it works:

  • When you get a proposal for a new meeting and a mail is received from your end, It is automatically registered in your Agenda.

  • Next, you find the date which the proposed meeting was scheduled for, you find this information through your mail and you locate it in your agenda.

  • When you do find the date, you can go ahead and accept or decline the proposal.

  • Note, that the blue circles indicate that these dates, have activities in them and you can manage them from Agenda in FreeBusy.

  • When you decline a meeting, you can include a reason which would be sent to the proposer.

This is how you decline meeting from Freebusy.

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