You might be available for meetings at certain times even if you have another event at the same time listed on your calendar. Using FreeBusy Add-On you can pick the times when you are okay to be double booked and share it with someone who intends to have a meeting with you at those times. This way you can let FreeBusy override your availability so that people book your time even if your calendar shows you busy.

Follow these steps to share your availability link including those times when you are available to be double booked.

  1. In FreeBusy add-on, within "Suggest Meeting Times" step, click on the date on which you want to schedule the meeting.

  2. To see times when you are busy, click on "show all times".

  3. FreeBusy now shows you all times including when you are busy or out of working hours.

    For example, in the screenshot below, Jane is busy at 3:30 PM in "Some Event in Calendar". Since she turned on "show all times" option, she can select and share this time to get booked for meeting.

  4. You can select this time and add in suggested times, so that people can book you at this time, even if you are shown busy on your calendar.

  5. Once you are satisfied with selected times, you can go ahead and review those times.

  6. Insert the meeting poll into email and share with recipients as you normally do.

    Now using this meeting link, your recipients can book you at this time even if your calendar already has an event at the same time.

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