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Getting started with FreeBusy Chrome Extension
Create and Share Meeting poll link or Availability link from anywhere with Chrome Extension
Create and Share Meeting poll link or Availability link from anywhere with Chrome Extension

You can share the FreeBusy Availability link or Meeting Poll link with your recipients anywhere like chatrooms, slack, Google chat etc.

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FreeBusy Chrome Extension is now available to use while browsing any website. For example, you can create meeting poll while talking to your colleagues on any website like, slack, google chat, Facebook or WhatsApp web. Same way you can also share your availability link.

​Supported browsers :
Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge and any Chrome based browser.

When you install FreeBusy Chrome Extension, you can see little FreeBusy icon in toolbar. Upon clicking it, you will see full FreeBusy side bar.

In case you cannot see the FreeBusy Toolbar icon, click on the icon which looks like jigsaw puzzle piece and turn on visibility of FreeBusy Toolbar icon.

Meeting Poll

Use FreeBusy Extension to create a meeting poll as you usually do. You will just have to manually add the names of people you want to share the Meeting Poll with.

You can pick times for participants to vote on, using "Pick Times" button.

FreeBusy also suggests the earliest time you can meet with these participants.

Select the times for you participants to vote on and click on "Review"

Click on "Get Link" to get meeting poll link which you can share with your meeting participants. You can also directly send email using "Send Link" option.

Upon clicking "Get Link" you will find Meeting Poll link. You can copy the link and share on anywhere.

Availability Link/Calendar Link

It is very easy to share your availability link with FreeBusy Extension. All you have to do is select appropriate meeting template, customize if you need it and click on "Get Link"

If you click on "Get Link" you will get the link to meeting poll copied on your clipboard. You can now share this link with anyone and anywhere!

Like here, I am sharing this link to let my colleagues book time with me for a meeting.

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