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Learn about FreeBusy Unified availability sharing
Learn about FreeBusy Unified availability sharing

How FreeBusy unified availability sharing works

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As specialists, we almost always do not have just one calendar from which we manage all events. FreeBusy lets you link multiple calendars. Link other Calendars.

End double bookings and conflict with our Unified availability sharing

With your linked calendar, either connected for personal reasons or multiple work purposes. You have calendar availability each constituted and present in each of your linked calendars;
How Freebusy comes you the rescue is by merging all available times in all calendars and presenting them to your participants. That goes to say that if you share your availability through any means, you are sharing your merged calendar availability that FreeBusy has pulled together just so there is no incidence of double booking or conflicts in all linked calendars

To achieve this amazing feature, all you have got to do is link your extra calendars and you’re good to go! Freebusy would then automatically check your availability across all linked calendars and present to your participants from which they can then pick their times for you both to meet.

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