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A guide to Greenhouse integration
A guide to Greenhouse integration

A quick guide to integrate

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Greenhouse lets you connect your google calendar and pick times to share with candidate. However, once you pick times and share, it does not dynamically reflect your availability. With FreeBusy, candidates will always see your up to date availability and hence you can avoid double booking or rescheduling of the meeting.

How to integrate Greenhouse

  1. Go to "Calendars and Integrations" on

  2. Click on "Integrations" and then click on "Link an Integration"

  3. Scroll down to "Greenhouse" integration option and click on "Add".

  4. Paste your API key and click on "Link". You can find your API key by following "API Credentials Page" or ask your admin. to generate API Key.

  5. Once you link it, integration will appear under your integrations.

    If you have not generated API key for FreeBusy, you can follow next tutorial to learn how to generate API key for FreeBusy. You can share with your admin these steps.

How to generate Greenhouse API key for FreeBusy

Make sure that you have admin access of Greenhouse.

  1. Go to Greenhouse API Credentials page.

  2. If you do not have API key created for FreeBusy, go to "Create New API Key"

  3. In dialogue box of "Create New Credential" add API Type as "Harvest" and in description write "FreeBusy". Then click on "Manage Permissions".

  4. Copy the API key and paste it in a place from where you can easily retrieve it later. Then click on "I have stored the API Key".

  5. Find the list of permissions to configure, under title "Manage Permissions"

  6. You will need to give all of following permissions, so check those permissions.
    ->Get : Retrieve User
    ->Get : List Users

    Job Stages
    Job Openings
    Scheduled Interviews
    Email Templates

  7. Once you have given all these permissions, click on "Save"

  8. Go back to FreeBusy and paste the API key you copied on Step 4.

  9. Then click on "Link".

How to use Greenhouse integration

1. Once you have integrated Greenhouse with FreeBusy, you can go to event template, click on edit and open "What is the meeting about" section.
There you can see, "Link to a Greenhouse job interview". From this drop down you can link the event template with that job interview.

2. Here interviews are listed in following format.

<Requisition Number> - <Job Name> - <Interview>
This will help you pinpoint right interview. You can map the event template with right interview and click on save.

3. Now share the link with candidate.

It will load your real time availability, once candidate picks time, they can see the form where they can add their name.

FreeBusy matches the Candidate name and email id with the Candidate added in Greenhouse, and adds the interview details within application associated with this candidate.

(FreeBusy automatically matches the interview round associated with the event template and creates interview there only.)

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