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How to integrate Greenhouse ATS with FreeBusy
How to integrate Greenhouse ATS with FreeBusy

Go beyond the basic Greenhouse built-in interview scheduler and use FreeBusy to automate time-consuming interview workflows for your team.

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Part 1. Generate Greenhouse API key for FreeBusy

This part must be performed by a Greenhouse user with permissions to manage all API credentials for an organization, as described in Create a Harvest API key for an integration – Greenhouse Support.

  1. Go to "Create New API Key"

  2. In "Create New Credential" dialog box choose API Type as "Harvest" and in description write "FreeBusy". Then click on "Manage Permissions".

  3. Copy the API key and paste it in a place from where you can easily retrieve it later (for example a text file or a document on your desktop).

  4. Click on "I have stored the API Key".

  5. Find the list of permissions to configure, under title "Manage Permissions"

  6. Assign the following permissions:
    -> Get: Retrieve User
    -> Get: List Users

    Job Stages
    Job Openings
    Scheduled Interviews
    Email Templates


  7. Once you have given all these permissions, click "Save".

Part 2. Link Greenhouse to FreeBusy

This part must be performed by a person in your organization who is already signed up to FreeBusy.

  1. Click "Link an Integration"

  2. Scroll down to "Greenhouse ATS" integration and click on "Add".

  3. Copy and paste the Harvest API key generated above. You can find your API key by following "API Credentials Page" or ask your admin. to generate API Key.

  4. Then click on "Link".

Once linked, integration will be listed under your integrations.

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