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A guide to ActiveCampaign Integration
A guide to ActiveCampaign Integration

learn how to integrate ActiveCampaign and use it.

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This help article is divided in two parts.

1. How to integrate ActiveCampaign to your FreeBusy account.

2. How to use ActiveCampaign integration with FreeBusy.

But if you are not sure why you should be integrate ActiveCampaign and FreeBusy, here is a short video:

If you haven't tried FreeBusy already, you can start a 14-day free trial today!

How to integrate ActiveCampaign with your FreeBusy account

  1. Go to "Calendars & Integration".

  2. Click on "Integrations" and then click on "Link an Integration"

3. Scroll down to ActiveCampaign and click on "Add".

You will be redirected to page like this.

Follow the instruction given on page to obtain API URL and API key. You may need to contact your ActiveCampaign Admin to obtain it.

4. After filling API URL and API Key, you can click on "Link". This will successfully integrate ActiveCampaign with your FreeBusy account.

How to use ActiveCampaign integration with FreeBusy

Having your ActiveCampaign account integrated with FreeBusy, you can keep track of each contact who schedules meeting with you or intends to schedule meeting with you.

  1. When anyone schedules the meeting with using FreeBusy event template link, they will automatically added in your contact list in ActiveCampaign.
    (If invite is not set on auto accept, you have to accept the meeting in order to get contact added in your ActiveCampaign contact list)

This way your ActiveCampaign dashboard always stays up-to-date with your latest leads who booked or intended to book a meeting with you.

2. FreeBusy also adds two tags. One "FreeBusy" to indicate that this contact is created from FreeBusy. Another tag is created to reference event template. For example with event template link "" tag will be "30-min-demo".

Auto-generated Tags helps you to identify and classify your leads so you don't have to.


Meeting Added as Tasks
FreeBusy also adds the meeting scheduled using that event template in the ActiveCampaign within Tasks and Activities. This helps you stay on top of list of the tasks.

Having meeting automatically added in tasks helps you keep your tasks related to your valuable contact in one place.

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