Here is how to connect each web-conferencing service per email. You have 4 calendars each linked to FreeBusy and you want to connect conferencing services for each of the linked email addresses, here is how to go about it.

´╗┐It is possible for you to achieve this, all you have to do is:

  • First, Log out of the web conferencing platform you wish to integrate from all current logged-in emails, then once you log out, you can then go on FreeBusy.

  • Next, go FreeBusy in the calendar and integration section, choose the conferencing service (zoom, teams, google meet, etc.), you prefer, and try to link web-conferencing service,

  • Afterward, you would be prompted to log in to the service in the authorization popup.

  • Log in with your preferred email account to the conferencing service.

  • Lastly, grant authorization and you can see your conferencing service linked to FreeBusy in multiple email addresses.

Here is how it would appear with different emails while creating/ediditing an event template

Kindly note: This may require you to login again or relink your calendars. Link those calendars again from.

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