As an admin or Team lead, you would want to be able to pay for your teammates as well as manage everything that deals with subscriptions. Here's how to go about it:
First and foremost, to access the privileges of adding licenses and having a team account in Freebusy, you have to be in the Business Plan. See how Pricing works: Pricing | FreeBusy

Adding Teammates

Step 1 : Go to Subscriptions & Billings

Step 2 : Click on a subscription in "Manage subscriptions"

Step 3 : Add your colleague/teammate on your subscription

As you click on your subscription from "Manage Subscriptions" you will land on this screen where it shows people who are on your license. As shown in screenshot, add your colleague or teammate on your license.

Note: The email domain does not matter, you can add anyone to your subscription.

What about Billing?

  • You will be billed per user given a license.

  • From the manage subscription panel, you can also remove license and your bill reflects the change.

  • For reassignment of license; simply send a quick message to [email protected]


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