As an admin or Team lead, you would want to be able to pay for your teammates as well as manage everything that deals with subscriptions. Here's how to go about it:
First and foremost, to access the privileges of adding licenses and having a team account in Freebusy, you have to be in the Business Plan. See how Pricing works: Pricing | FreeBusy

Adding Teammates

You could be an entrepreneur and would prefer for an assistant to manage your scheduling; there's no problem. You can simply go to and add whomever you which to.
Note: The email domain does not matter, you can add anyone to your subscription.

  • You will be billed per user given a license.

  • From the manage subscription panel, you can also remove license and your bill reflects the change.

  • For reassignment of license; simply send a quick message to [email protected]

For further inquiries, send us a message.
´╗┐Thank you for using Freebusy!

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