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How Freebusy add-in simplifies your scheduling process
How Freebusy add-in simplifies your scheduling process

See How the Freebusy add-in makes scheduling quicker and faster

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Freebusy has addons that make scheduling straightforward and smoother.
Our Chrome Extension & Outlook Add-in.
Here are some amazing benefits of these.

  • Send Meeting Polls straight from the email. This is possible, all you have to do is insert all the emails and Freebusy pulls your available times and theirs (if they make use of Freebusy). You would then suggest times and have your guest vote either yes/no.

Suggested times sent via mail with the FreeBusy add-in

Recipients voting their times

  • Send Calendar invites straight from mail. With the add-in, you can send instant calender invites. This is done when you select one time from the scheduling assistant, and then you share with recepients. Automatically your guests gets mails as calendar invites.

Add precise dates & times to bottom of the mail. To do this, make your recipient an external guest (outside your company) and select a couple of times from your Freebusy sechule assistant, these dates and time would be included to the body of your email. Your guest would be allowed to click on whatever preferred time and schedule a meeting with you.

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To Learn more about our add-in and outlook extension, please click the links below:
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