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How to integrate FreeBusy with SurveyMonkey
How to integrate FreeBusy with SurveyMonkey

Learn how to enable appointment scheduling using FreeBusy on completion of a survey conducted using SurveyMonkey

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Prompting the user at the right time is one of the keys to successfully engage with a prospect or a customer. So we understand how extremely valuable experience it can be for a prospect, to be able to schedule a meeting at the end of a survey.

Let me show you how you could make it very easy for customers to pick a time and book an appointment with your team using FreeBusy with SurveyMonkey

Using a Custom Thank You Page

Since SurveyMonkey doesn't allow significant customization for its 'Thank you Page' or for its 'End Page', so it is important to have your own custom webpage.

  1. Go to the Collect Responses section of your survey builder

  2. Select the first option in Display a 'Thank You' Page to skip the Survey Monkey Thank You page

  3. Set the other Collector settings as per your own requirements of the survey

  4. Select the first option in Survey Completion to Redirect to your own webpage

  5. Paste the URL of your custom webpage in the box next to the Redirect option

Now as a final step for using FreeBusy with a custom webpage, you would have to integrate the FreeBusy widget into the custom webpage:

  • Go to the event template on your FreeBusy page and if you click on the dropdown next to the copy link button on the event template, then it gives you an option to Add to Website.

  • The FreeBusy widget can be used in three configurations as shown and it can be further customized to match the look and feel of your custom thank you page. You can select the option that works for you.

  • Once you have selected the option and click the Copy Embed Code button and the copied block of code can be sent to the developer to add it to the custom thank you webpage.

    And that's it! You would now be able to give your users a much more native experience to schedule appointments through your own thank you page

    If you use WordPress to create a custom webpage and need assistance to embed the code, you can refer to this short guide to add FreeBusy to a WordPress site.

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