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FAQs about Round-Robin configuration in FreeBusy template
FAQs about Round-Robin configuration in FreeBusy template

In this article, we try to address some questions that may arise around Round-Robin settings in FreeBusy

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We discussed here how you could set up round-robin configurations for an event template within FreeBusy. But we also wanted to address some of the most frequently arising questions that you may have:

  1. Does round-robin apply for all the time slots shown in the availability link?

    Response: No.

    Explanation: Round-robin distribution would come into effect for time-slots that have more than one host available. Since the system displays the collective availability of all the hosts, it would also show the times when only one of the hosts is available. For such single host available times, round-robin is not applied.

  2. How far in past does the system check to decide who should be assigned the next meeting?

    Response: 4 weeks.

    Explanation: If more than one host is available at the selected time, FreeBusy will look at how many meetings of that event type were scheduled in the past 4 weeks, with each of those available hosts, and will assign the appointment to the host with the least number of scheduled meetings of that event type

  3. Can you stop allowing customers to change the assigned host selected by using round-robin?

    Response: Yes

    Explanation: FreeBusy allows users to over-ride and change the automatically selected host (by round-robin) to allow customers the flexibility to reach out to the same host again for continuity's sake.

    To turn off this flexibility at the customer's end,

    Step 1: Go to the template you need these configurations for and click the Edit button

    Step 2: Click on the section that says: 'Who will host this meeting?'

    Step 3: Scroll a little to the 'Show hosts' section and select the 'Hide information about hosts from proposers'

    Step 4: Click the 'Save button'

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