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How to enable SCIM for FreeBusy in Okta
How to enable SCIM for FreeBusy in Okta

Automatically provision FreeBusy users and licenses when using Okta SAML-based SSO

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These instructions assume you already set up SAML-based SSO in Okta for FreeBusy according to How to enable Single Sign on with Okta.

System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) automates provisioning, updating, and de-provisioning of user accounts across different applications. FreeBusy SCIM integration builds on this to automate licensing and de-licensing of user accounts:

  • when a user is assigned to the FreeBusy SCIM app in Okta, they are automatically added to your Enterprise subscription

  • when a user is disabled or deleted from the FreeBusy SCIM app in Okta, their license is automatically removed, freeing it up for other users

Note: using the FreeBusy SCIM Integration in Okta does not remove the need for users or tenant admin to authorize FreeBusy to access calendars. Okta SAML-based SSO is only used for authentication, not authorization. FreeBusy uses OAuth for authorization hence the separate need to OAuth consent.

To set up FreeBusy SCIM Integration on Okta:

  1. Go to the Applications on the left sidebar and click on 'Applications'

  2. Search for the FreeBusy app that you created in How to enable Single Sign on with Okta and click on it to edit.

  3. On the General tab click Edit

  4. Select SCIM and click Save

  5. You will now see a Provisioning tab

  6. On Provisioning tab, click Edit button

  7. Enter the following values:
    SCIM connector base URL:
    Unique identifier field for users: userName
    Supported provisioning actions: Push New Users and Push Profile Updates
    Authentication mode: HTTP Header

  8. To obtain the Authorization Token, go to FreeBusy team management at and ensure you are viewing the team whose roster you want to manage via SCIM

  9. Go to the API Keys tab, click on the 'Copy to clipboard' button and paste the token in the Authorization Token field on the Okta app page

  10. In Okta, Click on Test Connector Configuration to verify and, if successful, click Save

  11. Once saved, the screen would take you to the newly added 'To App' option under Settings on the left. Click the 'Edit' button to start provisioning

  12. Select 'Enable' for Create Users, Update User Attributes and Deactivate Users, and click Save. (Ignore the Sync Passwords Option)

13. Scroll to the bottom to find Attribute Mappings. Under Attribute Mappings, remove all attributes except Email, Username, Given name, and Family name

14. That's it! Now, if can go to the 'Assignments' tab and assign the people in your organization who should be added to the FreeBusy subscription

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