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How to allow my colleague to accept meeting proposals and CC them scheduling emails?
How to allow my colleague to accept meeting proposals and CC them scheduling emails?

Control who can accept/decline your meeting proposals and receive email notifications about scheduled events on FreeBusy

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FreeBusy mirrors the calendar delegate functionality in Outlook and Google Calendar and can allow those designated as calendar delegates to also manage your FreeBusy event templates and meeting proposals, including getting CC-ed on notifications.

Here's how it works:

  • When you sign in to FreeBusy, we check if you have calendar delegates in your Outlook or Google calendar and if they have read and write permission.

  • If you have such delegates, we automatically make these people delegate in FreeBusy as well. Which means we send email notifications when you get meeting proposal and meeting scheduled. They will also be able to accept/decline meetings on your behalf.

Hence to allow your colleague to manage your meeting proposals and get scheduling email notifications, make them calendar delegates on your connected calendar, Outlook, Google, whichever the one your use.

If you do not want this to happen, you can also turn it off:

You may turn off this feature for FreeBusy in case you do not want that your calendar delegates get email notification about your meetings or can manage meeting proposals.

  • Locate the desired calendar

  • Unselect one or more people from the list of delegates

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    Once unselected, FreeBusy won't auto-select them again even if your calendar provider still reports them as a delegate.

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