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How to automate adding Campaign relation for Salesforce events using FreeBusy links?
How to automate adding Campaign relation for Salesforce events using FreeBusy links?

It can help in tracking Campaign ROI with the scheduled meetings attribution

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Adding the scheduled meeting attribution with the Campaign details reflects into activities within the Contact, the Campaign and the Event itself as follows.

FreeBusy allows you to automate the addition of Campaign details using two different campaign fields: Campaign Name and Campaign-ID. Let us see how we can enable the above automation using both the possible Campaign fields.

The first two steps are common for both the options:

1. Copy the template link you want to use for the campaign from your FreeBusy page.

2: Paste the URL where it needs to be hyperlinked and add "?utm_campaign=" at the end of the URL

For example:

  • If the copied URL is:
  • It would result into:


Using the Campaign-ID

  • Open the Campaign object in Salesforce and capture the Campaign-ID from the URL

  • Add the Campaign-ID at the end of the URL resulting into:


Using Campaign Name:

  • Copy the Campaign Name from the Campaign Object in Salesforce

  • Go to any URLencoder tool and paste the name​ to generate encoded value

  • Paste the encoded value at the end of the URL resulting into

For example:

Let's take a quick look at the Pros and Cons of the two approaches. Hopefully it helps you choose what works best for your case.

Using Campaign-ID

Using Campaign Name

1. If name of campaign is edited after sharing the link, the shared link would continue to work perfectly well.

2. It is easier to copy and add it to the URL

1. It is easy to verify the associated campaign by looking at the URL

2. When working with multiple such links it is much easier to avoid duplication of use.

1. It can be confusing as all URLs would almost look same

2. You need to check IDs of all campaign objects in Salesforce to check if it is correctly associated with the required campaign

1. If name is changed after sharing the link, it would have to be shared again to continue to work correctly.

2. It needs using an additional tool to encode the name of the campaign

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