For the purposes of this guide, assume the following parties are involved in scheduling activity:

  • Project Coordinator at Company A (you)

  • Consultant at Company A

  • Client at Company B


Consultant from Company A and Client from Company B are trying to meet for a 1:1 meeting. You as a Project Coordinator at Company A need to oversee scheduling activity of your Consultants.

In other words, the Project Coordinator needs to keep track of times that Clients are proposing to Consultants. They also need to be aware when proposals are accepted by Consultant and a meeting is created on their calendar.

One-time set up

When an event template is set up for the Consultant, Project Coordinator would be included as an optional host:

As an optional host, you will be included on all scheduling communication.

If you as a Project Coordinator are part of a larger team (and all need visibility), you may instead provide a shared team email address as an optional host (instead of your own email address). The shared mailbox/calendar will then receive notifications of any scheduling activity.

Proposal Notifications

You will receive an email notification when a Client proposes a meeting with the Consultant. This way you can keep track of times that Clients are proposing to the Consultant.

Scheduled Event notifications

There are two ways you can review Scheduled Events:

  • using your calendar directly

  • using FreeBusy Agenda page

(a) using your calendar directly

When Consultant accepts a meeting proposal, you are automatically included in the calendar event (as an optional participant). This means you can easily keep track of scheduled meetings directly in your (Outlook) Calendar. Scheduled Events will be listed as any other event.

(b) using FreeBusy Agenda page

FreeBusy also lets you view scheduled meetings from your Agenda page. You can use this page to filter meetings by an event template of a specific Consultant.

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