Step 1. From your browser open Outlook Web App just as when you want to check your email over the web.

Step 2.
From the Settings menu, choose  Manage add-ins

Step 3.
On Manage add-in page, click + and choose Add from a URL

Step 4.
In the URL field enter 

If you receive an error that says "The app couldn't be downloaded." then open in your browser, download/save the file to your local desktop and repeat this step, but this time choose Add from a file option and supply the file you just downloaded/saved. 

If this operation is successful the FreeBusy Outlook add-in will appear on the Manage Add-ins page and in the New Meeting compose window, in the command bar.


If you encounter this error message it means the Exchange/IT administrator for you organization turned off the ability for users to install their own Outlook add-ins. 

If this is your situation, please contact your Helpdesk or IT dept and ask that they either turn on your ability to manually install add-ins or request instructions for how the IT admin can install the FreeBusy Outlook add-in on behalf of users.

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