When you would like to get started and set up the time that you are available to be scheduled for meetings, FreeBusy can help you to organize that time for a set amount of time and days that you would like to be available to be scheduled for meetings. You can do this by going to your preferences section of FreeBusy https://freebusy.io/prefs  and viewing the 'Time Range' section:

  1. Here you can see that I navigated to the preferences section of FreeBusy and that I will look to change the times and days that I take meetings. This section is called 'Time Range'

2.  Then, I will change the time I am available here on Monday for example:

3.  After which I simply need to click on the save button after changing all the days of the week that I would like to change to reflect this availability.

4. We also need to  share our availability with others who would like to schedule a meeting with us as shown below. Otherwise if we do not share our availability it turns off the ability for others to schedule meetings with us through FreeBusy

5. Finally you can go to your share page you can get the link to share your availability with others by going to: https://freebusy.io/share

Where you can set the amount of time that you would like others to be able to schedule with you AND the link that you will need to send to the individuals who would schedule a meeting with you.

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