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How to get started sharing availability & getting booked for meetings
How to get started sharing availability & getting booked for meetings

Guide on getting started sharing your available times to meet or to get booked for meetings.

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The first step is to set up the time frame you are available for meetings. FreeBusy account comes with a few pre-set availability template events or you can create your own availability event. Under each event type, there numerous options or configuration items that help you customize your availability. It’s up to you the extend you want to customize the event. Here are the steps:

1). Sign-in into your FreeBusy account

2). On the upper part of the dashboard, click on new event type, or

Select a template or a previously set event type from the drop-down box

3). If you select a new event type, you just have to name that event and save it by clicking on Create button.

4). Once the event is opened, you just have to go through each event configuration items to make sure that the default settings work for you. Click on each configuration item button to expand the options.

5). The most important configuration item is setting the available time. You have four choices on how to set your available times. Choose the one that make sense to the type of meeting you’re about to propose: Ongoing, Date Range, Specific Times, or Signup sheet. Once you specify the time, click Save

5). After you reviewed and saved all critical configuration items for your meeting type, you’re all set to share your availability

Happy scheduling! 

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