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How to change/verify your time zone in FreeBusy
How to change/verify your time zone in FreeBusy

If you need to change your timezone OR if FreeBusy does not show the correct time zone here is how you can change it.

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Why you might want to change time zone?

Time zone setting is made for your convenience when you manage event types and that other people know which time zone you are located.
However, people who browse your availability page would still see time slots adjusted to their local time (not yours) and they can pick other time zone manually. So changing your time zone doesn't influence time zone viewers are browsing your page.

Here's Stefan's time zone is PDT, viewer time zone is BST.

When you do need to change your time zone manually or if FreeBusy wasn't able to automatically detect it, please

  1. Regional Settings tab

  2. Time Zone section

If you have any questions & feedback, feel free to use the chat button below. We're super friendly and happy to solve any scheduling challenge.


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