FreeBusy allows a few ways to specify a meeting location. The setting will be on a per event type basis.

To access these settings:

  • go to Share Availability
  • choose the event type that you want to edit
  • go to the Where section.

The following options are available:

1. Ask people for how and where to meet

Choose this option if you are flexible in how you take meetings.

When picked, this option will allow you to edit a question. As with all questions in our 'Questionnaire', it also includes a footnote which allows you more flexibility and customization:

This question will be presented on your Availability page for that event type and will allow the other party to provide details:

The order in which questions (this one included) appear on the FreeBusy availability page is decided in the Questionnaire section.

2. Preset meeting location

If you usually take meetings which are facilitated by the same mechanism (eg: same address, phone number, venue), FreeBusy allows you to preset the coordinates of such meetings ahead of time.

Preset meeting location 1

Once you do so, the location will be automatically added to each calendar event created from that FreeBusy event type.

For example, this is how it looks in Outlook calendar:

And this is how it looks in Google calendar:

The message that you specify will also be featured in email notifications that FreeBusy sends to meeting participants:

3. Use my web conferencing service

Please see our dedicated help section on Web Conferencing Integrations.

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