When using FreeBusy, the user, depending on their usage patterns and subscription level, has more than one way to expose their avialability in order to make better user of their time.

This article explains how to compose your availability via FreeBusy in different scenarios.

1. How to compose event template availability

FreeBusy gives the opportunity to set up multiple event templates to cater for, possibly, multiple scenarios that the user might need to expose his availability (eg: with different customers).

Each such event template has its own availability setting in more than one flavor

  • Ongoing
  • Date Range
  • Specific Times

that can be configured in the When section.

The availability exposed via an event template is constructed the following way:

  1. Step 1: The user's calendar availability is retrieved
  2. Step 2: The availability settings from the event template are applied (regardless of the way these settings have been specified: Ongoing, Date Range or Specific Times)
  3. Step 3: Then the availability settings from the user Profile / Work Hours are applied on the previous result.

These steps have the end effect that each step will effectively clip the availability resulted from the previous step.

You might wonder as to the reason of the last step. This has been introduced to help with the following scenario:

  • suppose one user is part of a group event template (multiple hosts)
  • the availability specified by the event template is very 'wide'
  • the user has then the option to present him/her-self as part of this group with a more restricted availability (ie: users working part time or in a different time zone)

In case of the individual event templates - event templates with only one host - the user has just to make sure that the Profile / Work Hours setting is sufficient enough as not to affect (clip) any of his/her event templates.

2. Suggest Meeting Times

This feature is available via either the Outlook Add-in or the Chrome Extension for GMail.

With either of these add-ins, the user has the option to create polls to find available time between multiple users.

This can be done in two ways, either starting or not with an event template.

  • When starting with an event template, the same rules as above apply (Step 1 to Step 3 above).
  • When not using an event template for the poll, for each poll participant that is also a registered FreeBusy user, only his/her Work Hours will contribute to availability (only Step 1 and Step 3 above)
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