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How do I set my availability to be different on each day?
How do I set my availability to be different on each day?

If you have a type of schedule where your availability changes on each day, you can follow the tips described in the article.

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Even though your availability each day or each week is not same, you can still use FreeBusy to share your available times. Our features are flexible to allow you a way to keep updating your availability on day by day basis. Here is how,

1. Signup Sheet

Using signup sheet you can select specific timeslots for the meeting and share with people. You can also add/remove timeslots whenever you want. However this timesheet does not take in consideration your calendar availability, they only become unavailable after someone reserves the spot.
1. Create signup sheet: To use signup sheet click on "Create event template" and choose "signup sheet".

2. Add available times for meeting: When you edit this event template, go to panel 3 and click on "Change Times" to add available times for meeting.

Remember signup sheet does not take in consideration your calendar availability for these timeslots hence, a timeslot will only disappear if someone schedules meeting using signup sheet with you.

Booking appointment: If you want to book meeting with single party, make sure you keep maximum guest capacity for each time as "1".

Hosting session: If you are hosting a session where multiple parties can signup and reserve a spot you can keep maximum guest capacity as per your own guest limit.

2. Guarded availability

If calendar availability is important factor for you and if you want to manage your availability right from your calendar, you can use Guarded availability feature.

Guarded availability shows you available ONLY at times when you put explicit #free events on your calendar. So, once you have set your availability to Guarded availability, all you have to do is add/update your #free events on your calendar for time you want to make yourself available.

Follow these steps to use this feature :

  1. Create meeting type event template

2. Go to panel 3 "When are host generally available for this meeting?"

On the right side check the checkbox "Advanced availability control" and select "Guarded availability".

3. Create #free events.

Say you want to make yourself available on Monday, July 10, from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM. All you have to do is go to your calendar and out an event named "#free" that starts from 9:00AM and ends at 12:30 PM.

FreeBusy will read this event and make show you available at those times.

Learn more about how you can create these #free events :

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