When using FreeBusy, you have full control over when you are available for meetings (depending on your subscription level).

I will show you how to compose your availability via FreeBusy in different scenarios.

You can configure your availability in 3 ways:

  • Configure work hours (your general availability)

  • Configure availability for each event template (fine tune your general availability specified in your work hours)

  • Guarded Availability (by default you are marked as busy and you will have to create free events in you calendar and manually specify the time-range when you want to be available for meetings)

1. Configure your work hours

Default working hours in FreeBusy are from 8AM to 5PM, but you can set your own hours according to your working schedule. FreeBusy will check all your calendars and show your availability as free or busy accordingly.

By specifying your work hours, you define your general availability which will be taken into consideration for every event template in your collections.

Just go to https://freebusy.io/app/profile/workHours and configure your work hours.

2. Fine tune your availability for each event template

FreeBusy gives you the opportunity to set up multiple event templates to cover multiple scenarios that you might need to expose your availability (eg: with different customers, for different projects or meeting types).

Each such event template has its own availability setting in more than one flavor:

  • Ongoing

  • Date Range

  • Specific Times

You can configure your availability for each event template, in "When are you generally available for this meeting?" section. Go to your event template collection, select an event template and click "Configure".

See more details about how you can fine tune your availability for each event template, in the video below. Remember that your general availability specified in your work hours, is taken into consideration. You can only fine tune your availability in the time-range specified in your work hours. If you want to extend working hours, go back to your profile and modify working hours time-range.

3. Guarded Availability

If you don't want to expose your calendar availability and want to manually add free time-range in you calendar (and automatically show the rest of your time as busy), you can do this by selecting Guarded Availability. Configure an event template, go to the section "When are you generally available for this meeting?", and choose "Guarded `Availability" in the "Availability control" section.

By adding #free time-range in your calendar, FreeBusy will show you available for meetings only in specified free slots.

Learn how to add free time slots in your calendar, in this article (the same in Outlook) How to create "Free" or "Available" events using Google Calendar.

If you have any questions & feedback, feel free to use the chat button below. We're super friendly and happy to solve any scheduling challenge.

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