When using FreeBusy, the user, depending on their usage patterns and subscription level has more than one way to expose their avialability, and, in this way, make better user of their time.

This article explains top level organization of how to make sense of availability settings in FreeBusy and provides links to more detailed explanations in specialized articles..

One important distinction is between settings in Profile - Work Hours and corresponding settings in Share Availability (Event Types) - When section.

1. Profile - Work Hours

This setting is used in the following scenarios:

a. Suggest Meeting Times

Using this option, users can 'hunt' for available time to meet with other users of FreeBusy and can set multiple time slots where peers can vote. To get more information about this feature please see Making sense of Availability in Meet view.

b. FreeBusy Outlook Add-in

To get more information about FreeBusy Outlook Add-in see articles in the corresponding section in our Help.

2. Share Availability (Event Types) - When

The other major way of sharing availability is by exposing the user's availability as a personal web page.

Actually, FreeBusy gives the opportunity to set up multiple such web pages to cater for, possibly, multiple scenarios. We call this 'Event Types' and they are available under 'Share Availability'.

Each such event type has its own availability setting in more than one flavor which can be configured in the When section.

For more details see How to get started sharing availability & getting booked for meetings.

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