Signup Sheet is a solution for people for some pre-committed event with predefined times. During this event actual calendar availability doesn't matter. And this event often should allow multiple participants to book for the same time (max capacity).
We add HOLD events as a way to see such a concept in your calendar.

How Signup Sheet works:

  • multiple participants can reserve a slot at the same time, depending on the setting above
  • calendar invites would not be sent to people who reserves a slot
  • times are fixed and cannot be rescheduled
  • actual calendar availability of organizer doesn't matter
  • HOLD events in organizer's calendar would be created for all time slots
  • new slots can be added later

FreeBusy uses your calendar as a storage for available times specified in signup sheet, to help tracking all participants and all predefined times that have a reservation using that link near other events in your calendar.

If you just need a pre-selected list of specific times, where only single participant could book you, and you need to take into account your actual calendar availability, we have another solution. It is called Specific Times. It will not create all these HOLD events, and only create for times, when people actually book a slot.

How Specific Times works:

  • only single participant could reserves a slot
  • calendar invites would be sent to people who reserves a slot
  • actual calendar availability of organizer taken into account
  • HOLD events would be only created for times, when people actually book a slot
  • new slots can be added later

Unfortunately, today's calendars are not a great place to track all events, appointments, signup sheets and all other sorts of scheduling matters.
That's why we at FreeBusy are building more context-aware solution, which would be a default view instead of a calendar.

Now it is in page. You can select an event type and find all relevant info about it there (in addition to your calendar).

To summarize:

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