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Where can I manage my open polls?
Where can I manage my open polls?

If you want to copy link to resend, update, reschedule or close an open poll, sign in and go to "Agenda".

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Login to your FreeBusy account and go to "Agenda”. In the top “Open Polls” section, locate the poll you want to edit and select the desired action.


If you want to resend the poll to participants that didn’t voted, click on the documents icon to copy the link to the poll. You can then distribute the link to your participants manually, for example via email.


If you want to review the poll and pick a time to immediately schedule the meeting, click “Review Poll”, pick a time and schedule the meeting.


If you want to update the poll, and propose new times, click “Update Poll” select the desired date&time from the list and send the updates.


If you want to close the poll and remove from your calendar the hold events related to this poll, choose “Close Poll”.

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