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How to add Freebusy booking widget to WordPress
How to add Freebusy booking widget to WordPress

Learn how to embed FreeBusy booking widget to your WordPress site

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You would most likely want a means for site visitors to be able to book a meeting with you right from your website, you can simply add the Freebusy booking widget to your WordPress site, and here's what the process entails:

  • First, configure and select the preferred event template in FreeBusy that you would wish to share with your participants on your website.

  • Right beside the "copy link" is a dropdown button, where you can preview more buttons, and then you can see the Add to website button.

  • Next, select the preferred format you wish the FreeBusy booking widget would appear on your site.

  1. As a BUTTON or LINK: the widget appeals as a button which when clicked by a visitor displays your Freebusy booking page and your availability is shared.

  2. As a FLOATING BUTTON: this is pretty much the same as the first only that the button is shown with every content of the site.

  3. As INLINE: The booking page is previewed as a part of your site.

  • When you choose how you want Freebusy to appear on your site, you can then personalize your selection to your preference. You can customize the color, the text on the button and choose to hide/show the branding card.

  • After setting it all up according to your liking, simply copy embed code and share it with your developer to add to your website.

To Embed Freebusy in your WordPress site!

Once you click "add to website'' in Freebusy and select your preferred widget as explained above and then copy code, go to your WordPress website:

  • Add new page or add new block

  • Next, you select the customize HTML block.

  • Paste copied code in the HTML block.

  • Then, click the preview to view it for yourself.

  • You can now save and update so participants can book meeting with you straight from your WordPress site!

That is how to go about it adding Freebusy to your website.
If you need any further help on adding Freebusy to your WordPress website, send a quick mail here.

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