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How to share only the common availability of a group in a single link?
How to share only the common availability of a group in a single link?

Learn how to configure FreeBusy event templates to display common availability captured from calendars of more than one person

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Let's say you want to create an event template that is representative of a group meeting which should definitely involve a certain set of individuals. You do not want the customers to be able to view and schedule meetings anytime when even one of these individuals is not present.

While FreeBusy checks through all your integrated calendars to understand your individual real-time availability, it can do the same for multiple individuals who you want to be present in the same meeting.

To configure these settings,

Step 1: Go to the template you need these configurations for and click the Edit button

Step 2: Click on the section that says: 'Who will host this meeting?'

Step 3: In the text field to enter email, you can add the email ids of other team members you want to include in these specific meetings and click on Add button

Step 4: Once you have more than one host required for the meeting, a couple of other options would open up. So in the section on 'People can propose meetings...', select the option 'When all required hosts are available'

Step 5: Just click the 'Save Button'

And that's it. Now you have this template that checks through all these individuals and shares a collective availability only. You can know more about who becomes the organizer in such group meetings here.

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