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How do I manage Meeting Proposals?
How do I manage Meeting Proposals?

You can choose which type of meeting gets automatically scheduled and which does not.

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Within Event template settings we allow you to choose your preference that a particular type of meeting gets automatically scheduled or you manually accept the proposal.

For example, I want "Quick Chat" meeting to be automatically scheduled upon proposal as it is just 15 min quick meeting. Follow the following steps to set this.

Auto Accept Meeting Proposals :

  1. Click "Edit" on event template.

    Step 1 - Edit

  2. Go to "How do you want to handle proposals"

  3. Choose setting best suitable for you. Here for "Quick Chat" I will keep it on "Auto-Accept"

  4. Save the settings.

Manually Accept Meeting Proposals :

If you want to manually accept the meeting proposals you can keep the settings for the event template as "Manual Accept". Each proposal that comes from booking page associated with that event template will come to your email for your acceptance.

What is HOLD event ?

When you have kept the settings on Manual Accept, FreeBusy will place a HOLD event on your calendar at the time when meeting is proposed.

Hold event as Tentative :
If you want that until you accept your meeting proposal you do not want other people to book the same time. You can keep this setting as Tentative. We will remove the time when meeting is proposed from list of your available time.

Hold event as Free :

If you do not want to remove the timeslot when meeting has been proposed to you, you can set Hold event as Free. However, since we won't remove the time you have already got the meeting proposal, chances are that someone else might also propose a meeting at same time and you might end up being double booked.

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