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Troubleshoot FreeBusy embed
FreeBusy "Add to website" embed doesn't work correctly
FreeBusy "Add to website" embed doesn't work correctly

Used the "Add to website" embed on your website, and it doesn't seem to work correctly? Review these troubleshooting steps.

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This troubleshooting guide is for customers who followed instructions to embed FreeBusy page on their website, and it doesn't work as expected.

If the FreeBusy embed doesn't appear at all on your website:

  1. Ensure that you copied the embed code exactly as generated by FreeBusy (per instructions in the linked article).

  2. If you are a developer, check that the FreeBusy script referenced in the embed code loads correctly on your page. Alternatively, contact us for assistance.

If the FreeBusy embed appears but doesn't work correctly:

  1. Sometimes, you may have your own (or 3rd party) scripts on your website which interfere with the execution of the FreeBusy embed view.

    1. If FreeBusy embed input elements suddenly lose focus, check for presence of interval-based logic in your (or 3rd party scripts) that could bring other elements into focus instead.

    2. If FreeBusy embed doesn't seem to be correctly styled or if the buttons don't respond to input, check for any global overrides in your (or 3rd party scripts).

It's out of scope for this troubleshooting guide to enumerate all possible cases of interference. Most often, however, there's conflicts between FreeBusy scripts and any other existing scripts on your website. Please contact us for assistance if necessary, so that we can help you determine and address the root cause.

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