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Share your availability to allow others to schedule meeting with you
Share your availability to allow others to schedule meeting with you

You can send your availability link to quickly and easily arrange meeting with anyone.

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In this article I will show you how you can use FreeBusy to send availability to, clients, people outside your team or organization (external people), customers, for interviews and colleagues easily to schedule meetings, interviews, coffee chat etc.

You can easily manage your time for work and enjoy faster scheduling without email back and forth with this feature. Here is how you can send link to your calendar availability to people.

On this page you will find list of event templates.

Step 2: Copy link to your event template and send it to your guest.

This is your calendar availability link. In order to test this experience, you can also open this link within your browser and see guest experience. Only times when you are Free shared with public via this link.

Step 3: (If you are testing yourself) Book an appointment with yourself.

This is automated scheduling hence times are determined automatically based on events on your calendar and your setting in event template.

Step 4: Accept the meeting proposal.

Meeting would have been scheduled.

You can schedule all kind of calls with this feature be it office, in person at lunch etc. This way FreeBusy provides you with easier scheduling and calendaring solution.

Use this article to know how to setup FreeBusy to schedule meetings.

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