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Getting Started - The Complete Guide to FreeBusy
Getting Started - The Complete Guide to FreeBusy

Follow these steps to configure your FreeBusy account and start scheduling meetings with clients, partners, employees and candidates.

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Thank you for choosing FreeBusy to automate & simplify scheduling meetings with clients, partners, employees and candidates. Meetings are essential for sharing information, make important decisions, support and meet clients’ needs and get inspiration from others. But scheduling meetings can be time consuming and can interrupt your productivity and focus time.

With FreeBusy you can schedule any type of meeting in just a few clicks and save valuable time. You can schedule one-on-one meetings, meetings between multiple people with busy calendars, round robin & collective meetings, meetings on behalf of someone else, facilitate meetings for others, organize online events etc. You can easily cancel, reschedule or add/remove participants. Just follow these easy steps to configure your account (one time step) and start scheduling meetings with FreeBusy.

Configure your FreeBusy account (one time step👌)

1. Connect all your calendars

When you share your availability, FreeBusy will present a combined availability view from all your calendars (personal & professional). You can link an unlimited number of calendars. Consult the section below to learn how you can connect multiple calendars and how you can manage all the details.

2. Set your availability for meetings

Default working hours in FreeBusy are from 8AM to 5PM, but you can set your own hours according to your working schedule. FreeBusy will check all your calendars and show your availability as free or busy accordingly.

You can configure your availability in 3 ways:

  • Configure work hours (your general availability)

  • Configure availability for each event template (fine tune your general availability specified in your work hours)

  • Guarded Availability (by default you are marked as busy and you will have to create free events in you calendar and manually specify the time-range when you want to be available for meetings).

3. Set meeting location

You can automatically include your web conferencing link (or phone number). Our default is to ask people to provide meeting location details (ex. good way to collect phone numbers).

4. Configure your branding

Your brand is the first impression that potential customers have with your company. Presenting a unified brand experience across different integrations and products is essential.

You can customize your FreeBusy page branding in 3 ways.

  • Add your photo, logo and tagline

  • Customize title, photo, tagline and description for every event template

  • Customize your availability links

5. Organize your event templates

An event template is a meeting type with preset settings - title, duration, location, availability, hosts, agenda, buffers etc. Event templates are suitable for recurring meetings situations.

By default, your availability links will include your email address (for personal collection of event templates) or your domain (for business collection of event templates).

Your personal collection of events templates will look like this In your personal collection, you will have 3 default event templates:

  • an event template for 15 min meetings, "Quick Chat" -

  • an event template for 30 min meetings, "Consultation" -

  • an event template for 60 min meetings, "Working session" -

You can edit your default event templates, clone them, make them unlisted (accessible only via link, not visible in your collection page) delete or add new event templates (for example, a signup sheet for your online event).

6. Create and manage your team

With FreeBusy you can add an unlimited number of users to your account. Each team member will have their own personal account and the team owner has ability to grant team members admin/editing privileges.

Start scheduling meetings

The best & easiest way to schedule meetings is with FreeBusy Gmail & Outlook Add-in. You can directly share your availability link, let people vote between multiple time options and edit your event template details for ad-hoc meetings without leaving your inbox.

We’ve updated FreeBusy Outlook Add-in so you can schedule any type of meeting in just a few clicks. Read on for all the details!👇

Also, FreeBusy Gmail Add-in works the same way. With FreeBusy Gmail Add-in, you can:

  • share your availability link and let participants suggest best meeting times

  • propose multiple meeting times and let external participants vote on a common time to meet

  • schedule meetings on behalf of someone else directly from the Add-in

  • share your team availability for round robin & collective meetings

  • include email contents in the meeting notes

Need a personalized onboarding?

If you have any questions & feedback, feel free to use the chat button below. We're super friendly and happy to solve any scheduling challenge.

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